We deliver truely reliable products that meet customers' demands.

We deliver truely reliable products that meet customers' demands.

Our company has been engaged in the machining of Glass Epoxy materials since its establishment in 1969.

To ensure the delivery of high quality,thoroughly reliable but inexpensive products in the shortest possible time, we always aim at technical innovation a step ahead of others.


We manufacture products that meet customers'needs.

Many years of research into new materials and technical development enables us to supply products of high quality and reliability in a short lead time and at low cost.

・Aramid carrier

Aramid carrier is a laminated material produced by impregnating Aramid non-woven cloth in Epoxy resin Aramid is aromatic polyamide,a tough organic fiber with high elasticity.

  • Low scratch defect ratio
  • Excellent wear-resistant performance
  • Outstanding durability.
  • Execllent sheet thickness tolerance:
    +0.02 to -0.03

・Aramid Polyester carrier

Aramid Polyester carrier is a material made by sandwiching polyester woven cloth between layers of aramid non-woven cloth. Aramid Polyester has high tear resistance

  • High tear resistance
  • Low scratch defect ratio
  • Lower costs

・Epoxy Glass carrier

Epoxy Glass carrier is a laminated material of glass fiber impregnated with epoxy resin.

This material,with its outstanding bending strength and elasticity,is especially suitable for lapping and polishing glass hard disks.

  • Execellent sheet thickness tolerance:
    +0.02 to -0.03
  • Low cost
  • Outstanding durability

・Stainless carrier

Stainless carrier, with its high corrosion resistance and strength, is perfect for lapping materials such as silicon wafers,etc.

・Customized carrier

We provide carriers made of various materials,colors and design including polyvinyl chloride, bakelite and Unilate etc. to meet diverse customers' needs.

We also provide double-type carrier.

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